Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions and answers on our marquee hire.

1. What size of marquee should I hire?

As a rough guide, a 6m x 6m marquee will accomodate between 20 and 40 people for a sit-down meal.
If it’s a buffet-style event with no seating then you can accomodate over 50 people.

A 6m x 12m marquee will double these numbers, to allow for up to 80 seated or over 100 standing.

2. Can I use a marquee in the winter?

Absolutely! In fact, during the Scottish winters marquee hire is a great idea and allows you to enjoy garden parties all year round. We heat our marquees using a combination of electric infra-red heaters to maintain the temperature and LPG space heaters to give a quick blast when needed.

3. What are your marquees made of?

Our marquees are made of very sturdy galavanised steel frame covered with heavy duty 500gsm PVC to keep the scottish weather out!

4. Should I hire marquee lining?

It depends on the occasion. Marquee linings are Ivory in colour and hide all the marquee frame in the roof and walls. For window sections, the lining is in the form of curtains which cover the upright poles. (They are purely decorative and can’t be closed.)

Linings provide a nice decorative finish in a marquee and for special occassions they are ideal. For birthday parties and less formal occassions where the marquee is required simply for some extra space, they may not be necessary however.

5. Is a marquee suitable for childrens parties?

Yes, marquee hire is great for this. It allows you to keep the chaos and mess out of your living room and provides an experience that all kids love. Add in a foam matted play-area for the younger ones and you have a great instant party venue.

6. Can I join the marquee seamlessly to my house.

Sometimes – it depends on the space. Some houses have french doors leading out to a patio and these are normally ideal. The marquee can be butted up directly against the house and because it will be under the eaves of the house, you shouldn’t get any water between the marquee and house if it rains.

Houses with steps down to the patio are more difficult because the doors are higher relative to the marquee and would likely collide with the marquee when opened.

7. Where are you based?

We are in Bearsden, Glasgow.


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